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About Our Studio

"Artmex Architecture Studio" was established by Hamid Asli in 2011 in Iran in the construction field. In 2013, Artmex Home designed and implemented different projects with various applications. The studio incorporates the context, climate, history and culture into its design and, based on studies, tries to design the project by responding accurately to challenges, in addition, to creativity and quality.
Artmex knows the needs and limitations of its clients well and applies all its facilities to meet these needs.
In 2021 we launched the Vancouver office to give comfort and beauty to our valuable Projects.

Hamid Asli

Mahsa Arbabi

Artmex Home- Design Studio-Architect, interior design, Home design
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Designing any part of your home

makes a story for you and your family.

It's our honour to design your stories.

we believe, My team can make your

home dreams real.

Crafting the various elements of your home weaves a narrative that resonates with you and your loved ones.

Designing your personal spaces is a privilege we hold dear. 

We are firm believers that our dedicated team has the ability to transform your envisioned home into a tangible reality.

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